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Readdle Celebrates Its Fourth Birthday with Sales and Giveaways

Readdle has been a major player in the business and utility sections of the App Store, creating unique applications that give users advanced functionality. After selling 3,150,000 copies of their applications over the past four years, the company is holding big sales and a giveaway to thank fans for their

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Readdle’s PDF Converter Closes a File Compatibility Gap

There is one file format that is universally compatible on the majority of devices and can serve a variety of unique uses: PDF. Readdle has recognized that with its acclaimed PDF Expert iOS app and the release of its new PDF Converter app this week, which can take just about

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Google Shuts Down Free SMS Service For App Developers

App Store developer Inner Fence said today that Google would be blocking their app from accessing an experimental service for sending an unlimited number of apps at their expense. Google explained that their reasoning for cutting them off was because of it's incredible popularity and their inability to keep up with the costs they created.


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