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Court Filing Says Steve Jobs Enforced No-Hire Policy with Palm with the Threat of a Patent Lawsuit

According to a court filing made public on Tuesday, Steve Jobs threatened to sue Palm, citing patent infringement claims, if the the company didn’t agree to refrain from approaching Apple employees for potential jobs.

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Things We Like: Hacker Mods ’69 GTO to be Controlled by iPod Touch

Because you should always be able to control your old muscle car with your iPod touch. Per the Wired Gadget Lab, car hacker Dave Phipps has modified his restored 1969 Pontiac GTO inside and out with changes that include automatic windows and doors, a wireless network, and voice control via Bluetooth. Phipp’s latest hack is an app running on his iPod touch that controls every subsystem of his car.

To accomplish this, Phipps first installed a Linksys router inside the car to create a wireless network. He then hooked up a RedEyebase station, a unit which typically allows an iPhone or iPod touch to tap into a home theater system. The RedEye is then connected to the car’s various electronic systems, as well as numerous servos and other controllers.


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