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Two Interesting iPhone Products: Car Remote Control and iPhone Security Alarm

We’ve all seen iPhone accessories that turn your iPhone into a remote control, but the Park4U iPhone app turns your device into a remote for your car, not your entertainment center. The Automatic Park4U system allows your vehicle to park on its own by using sensors to guide itself into

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Annihilation Arena

Annihilation Arena (a.k.a. AArena) gives us a glimpse into the bleak future, when heavily armed hovercraft will engage in deadly arena combat  for the public’s entertainment. You must pilot your ship around three different arenas, each more dangerous than the last, and destroy hundreds of enemy ships. Watch out for the final boss for each arena and survive to the next round of deadly combat.  The smooth controls, plentiful supply of power-ups, and a great techno soundtrack make Annihilation Arena a great way for action fans to spend $1.99.  


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