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PADACS Aksent Earphones Review

Even though PADACS, a self-proclaimed “iAccessories” company, may not specialize in audio they do get a lot right with the Aksent earphones – yes, down to the name. Nonetheless, it is fit for more specific styles of music and audio preference. Will these be the perfect complement to your mobile-listening

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PADACS PowerCase for iPhone 4 Review

PADACS enters into the iPhone 4 battery-extending game with its PowerCase contender, which looks to take on the likes of leaders like Mophie, and it does succeed in a few ways, albeit with a few caveats. Should this be your choice for extra juice when it counts? Read on to

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PADACS Snap Rubber Stand Review

From PADACS comes the Snap Rubber Stand, a petite, genius piece of rubber that makes hands-free activities with your iPhone or iPod Touch easier. The idea behind the snap rubber stand is straightforward: it’s a useful accessory used for watching moves and more, hands-free. With an undoubtedly clever design, the

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Apple Says No iPhone Nano, Army Of Shiny Ninjas Ready To Defend iPhone Patents

Apple hosted their quarterly earnings conference call for Q1 of 2009, during which Apple COO (and current stand-in for CEO Steve Jobs) answered a lot of questions people have had about the iPhone and Apple's direction with the current state of the economy and Jobs not currently at the reigns. During the call they touched on topics including the possibility of a lower-cost iPhone, their move to get the iPhone at Walmart, and their stance on protecting their intellectual property rights.


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