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Talking Friends Series Could Surpass Angry Birds?

If you’ve been watching the app store’s Top 25 list or are a big fan of the wide variety of entertainment applications available, you might have noticed a few apps from the same developer floating somewhere near the top. Which apps? The Talking Friends series from Outfit7 which includes Talking

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Talking Santa for iPhone App Review – I now know why Outfit7 is always at the top!

The allure of some of the top selling entertainment applications on the App Store is most of the time hard to resist. You never need the app, it’s just something cool to have when your friends are around or you’re just trying to be funny. If you’ve been following the

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Ive Given MDA Personal Achievement Award For iPhone’s Design

Jonathan Ive, Apple's Senior VP of Industrial Design (the guy who helped put the shiny in the iPhone) has been awarded the 2008 MDA Personal Achievement Award an award by the Mobile Data Association, a UK group honoring "those UK companies and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the uptake and success of mobile data over the last 12 months."


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