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Alleyside Daily #1: Kinectimals & OnLive on iOS, Smartphone Marketshare, New Beginnings

iPhone Alley introduces a brand new way to stay up-to-date on all things happening in the world of iOS. Alleyside Daily is a roundup of news headlines, applications, and products delivered in a unique IM-style, opinionated format. The goal is for one article to provide everything you need to know

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GameStop to Bring Console Games to Phones and Tablets Through Its Cloud Service

In a gaming scene becoming increasingly dominated by downloads, rentals, and taking small but steady steps to the cloud, GameStop is developing a service that will keep the gaming retailer giant relevant. Customers will soon have the option to purchase cloud access to a select library of games. When purchasing

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Full Console Games on the iPad, Play Them Yourself in Fall

If by now you have not heard that full console games are going to be playable on the iPad (and Android tablets) through a certain cloud gaming service that processes games remotely while streaming video of the game to any compatible devices, then you have not been keen in your

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iPad 2 and AirPlay Make Nintendo’s Wii U an Unnecessary Console

When Nintendo introduced its follow-up to the incredibly successful Wii console, titled Wii U, it brought current-generation graphics and a controller that is only unique in the console industry. Nintendo is still betting that the controller, dominated by a 6.2″ resistive touch-screen surrounded by traditional buttons and motion sensors, will

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OnLive to Make Games Such As Borderlands Playable on Tablets

No longer will tablet gamers be confined to the capabilities of (increasingly improved) mobile hardware for games. OnLive is finally going to bring its on demand cloud gaming service to tablets in a playable form. A concept/demonstration OnLive Viewer app has been available on the iPad for months, but it’s

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Review/Freebie Alert: everyAir – Play PC/Mac Games in iOS

For a limited time everyAir, one of my App Store favorites, is free. The developers of everyAir set off to do something quite ambitious – design an app that would allow users to play PC/Mac games on their iOS devices. That is exactly what they accomplished over time and quite

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Apple Seeds iPhone 2.2 Beta 1 To Developers, Safari Interface Changes

According to MacRumors, Apple has seeded iPhone 2.2 Beta 1 to developers. The build is being seeded for "compatibility testing" and there is no mention of new features or changes in this build. A new beta build of the iPhone SDK (build 9M2611) has been seeded alongside the OS X iPhone beta. It is possible that Apple is including the highly anticipated push notification service which will allow developers to send out notifications similar to the way SMS notifications appear now.


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