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A Chance to Win The Octagon Theory for iPhone and iPad

iPhone Alley has teamed up with M&D Entertainment Limited to offer you the chance of winning one of two promo codes for their clever, strategic game dubbed The Octagon Theory ($1.99), one application compatible with both iPhone and iPad (iOS Universal).


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App Showcase: Snap ‘n Tap Lets You Drop A Virtual Marble Into Paper-Drawn Environments

Snap 'n Tap [App Store, $2.99] lets you interact with elements drawn on paper using a virtual, physics-enabled marble. Put simply, you can draw a maze on paper, snap a photo of it, and guide a virtual marble through it from start to finish. The size of the marble can be adjusted and the app even works with lined paper. After several minutes of playing with the app, I must say I'm impressed. It's not developed enough to be a game, but that's not the developer's purpose. The ability to have virtual objects interact with hand-drawn elements is just so cool. During one test I used a piece of paper with a coffee stain on it and the ball bumped into the stain. Awesome!


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