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Review: Scan Hand-Written Notes with the Shot Note Paper Pad

No matter how you look at it, lists are essential to the various aspects of our everyday life. Whether you're simply jotting down a few tasks to be completed or are writing a complete guide for the grocery shopper in your family, lists are unavoidable. For the less technology oriented, Shot Note brings handwritten to handheld with its easy-to-use iPhone app used in conjunction with the physical stationary from company Ampad.


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iPad Slays iPad Killer Before it Launches

Back in January Lenovo showed off the IdeaPad U1 hybrid notebook at CES in Las Vegas. One reporter in particular declared it an iPad killer even before Apple announced they had a tablet, stating that the U1 makes "Apple's supposed tablet look silly".

On Friday, Lenovo announced it was dropping its "iPad killer" to work on an Android based machine.


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