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Behind the Scenes of Steve Jobs Acquiring Lala

Aubrey Johnson, a former employee at Color, a company which offers users the ability to share photos and live video on Facebook, according to its Twitter page, has an interesting story about the classy style with which Steve Jobs, then Apple’s CEO, acquires a company. The story goes back to

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Siri Claims Nokia Lumia 900 is ‘Best Smartphone Ever’

Since the time of her (its?) existence, the iPhone 4S' virtual assistant, Siri, has gained a reputation for the quirky answers she delivers to some questions.


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Next iPhone To Run On GSM And CDMA Networks, Verizon Launch In 2010?

Rumors of an iPhone on Verizon's network have once again begun to circulate, this time from a report by OTR Global. In the report, they claim that Apple is considering making a new iPhone that would hybrid Verizon's CDMA2000 technology with AT&T's UMTS 3G network. The ability to easily put both in one device recently came about with Qualcomm's new hybrid CDMA/WCDMA chip.


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