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They’ve Got You Covered – iPad 2 Case Roundup

As you all are probably aware of by now, the iPad 2 was announced at Apple’s press conference on the 2nd. Those of you looking into buying the case this Friday may also be interested in buying a case to accompany your new, and obviously slick, device. Here’s some of

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BodyGuardz Dry Apply Review for iPod Touch 4G

Last week, I took off my case to clean off any dust or grit on my iPod and along with that stuff, I was faced with a scratch; not a huge one, but small enough for me to notice. Though I was pretty angry, the Dry Apply BodyGuardz that I

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The weather plays an important role in planning outdoor activities, especially in the warmer months of the year, so it's nice to have somewhere to quickly look at the upcoming weather conditions. WeatherBug is a great iPhone app that lets you keep tabs on the weather in your area or elsewhere with just a tap or two of a button.


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