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Nintendo Already Dropping 3DS Price by $80, We Explain Why

After launching in the United States on March 25 of this year to a limited selection of games and a lukewarm response, Nintendo is dropping the price of its 3DS, the company’s newest handheld gaming device, by $80. That brings its original price of $250 to a very reasonable $170.

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iPhone 3.0 Gold Master available somewhere on the Internet, I hear it works…

Yesterday Apple announced that OS X iPhone 3.0 would be released on June 17th for all iPhone customers. They also mentioned that they've already reached Gold Master with 3.0 and would be seeding it out to developers that day to make sure developers' apps work with 3.0. Of course none of us have any patience and somewhere on the Internet, there is a legit copy of 3.0 GM. Best part is that it works on all iPhones, no need to register your device with the dev program. As far as we know, it'll be the exact same build we see on the 17th. Now where can you get it? Psh, I dunno. Google it or something. I don't know how piracy works. I just blog about the iPhone.


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