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OtterBox Showing Summer Spirit for iPhone 4 Users

OtterBox is no doubt the best of the bests when it comes to making durable, rugged cases for all of your electronics, and they’re certainly mine and many others’ favorites. All of their cases, no matter what series, are at the top of their brackets, and that’s rightly so. iPhone

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Angry AT&T, O2 Customers Twitter Petition For Lower iPhone 3G S Upgrade Prices

In retaliation of AT&T and O2's unwillingness to subsidize the iPhone 3G S for current 3G owners, users on Twitter are forming "twittitions", a new virtual petition that users can "sign" by posting a tweet. At the time this was written, the Twitition for O2, which was created first, was at 2621 signatures, and the AT&T Twitition at 1858 signatures.


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