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Using Your iPhone for Cash Loans? It Could Happen: Apple Patented It!

In a world of online payday loans that are suspect at best, and in an economy when a cash advance doesn’t carry the stigma it once did, a solution for quick cash loans is needed. Apple may have the answer, based on a pending patent application.

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Sneak Peak of Reeder for the iPad

After whining subtly complaining about not getting the sneak peek at Reeder for the iPad, we managed to score a beta preview last week from developer, Silvio Rizzi. After five minutes, I was hooked. Reeder for the iPhone [App Store, $2.99] is my favorite pocket reader and, without a doubt, Reeder is the best news reader for the iPad. The developer claims this to be a beta, but this app feels more complete than some version 2 apps I've tested. 


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