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Quick Route App Review – Easy Navigation Alternative

Since the public release of iOS 6 back in September, many users have reported trouble with Apple's native Maps application. The Cupertino-based company, in an online statement by CEO Tim Cook, acknowledged the flaws with its Maps application and even recommended that users seek out a temporary alternative until issues were resolved. Excited Pixel's Quick Route ($4.99) is one of the many superior utilities for iOS that aims to replace the need for Apple's Maps.


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Tumbledrop Is An Adorable, Physics-Based Puzzle Game

Starfruit Games just released an adorable puzzle game called Tumbledrop [App Store, $1.99] and I love it! The goal of Tumbledrop is to get the happy pink star to the ground by eliminating the other stars and blocks below. But getting him to the ground successfully requires you to plan out your moves and try several times, especially if you want to earn medals. It's tons of fun and totally cute.

If you like physics-puzzles, Tumbledrop is a must buy. Video below!


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