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MySaver: Preserve Your Charge and Sync Cable

There are so many Kickstarter projects that I usually include all of the interesting ones as a compilation in one post, but I felt that this certain one deserved a whole post for itself. So, behold, the MySaver, the perfect solution to fully preserve your iPhone’s, iPod Touch’s and iPad’s

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iPhone 3G S Disassembled

RapidRepair has posted a take-apart guide for deconstructing an iPhone 3G S. They have posted instructions for gently taking apart your shiny new toy without scratching the paint, so to speak. Specifically, they show a list of parts and how to gain access to each one. To do it, you'll need small philips and flathead screw drivers, a heat gun, an exacto razor and the "Safe Open Tool". You can check it out at the RapidRepair website.


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