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Apple Offers Additional Help for Finding Lost iOS Devices

If you've ever misplaced your iOS device before, whether it be a simple instance where you've forgotten where you last put it in your house or a large scale situation where it's been stolen, you've experienced the burning sensation of worry. Thankfully, software like Apple's own Find My iPhone service aids users in discovering the location of their lost iOS devices. This service has now further expanded by the recent addition of support for driving directions to the last-known location of the device.


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Apple Offers “Where’s My Water?” for Free through Facebook Program

We previously saw Halfbrick Studio’s Jetpack Joyride up for grabs for free thanks to Apple’s and the developer’s generosity. Available starting to today, Apple has teamed up with Disney to offer you the latter’s hit physics puzzler, Where’s My Water?.

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Reminder: Activate “Find My iPhone” Feature

Just a few days ago, a close friend had his iPhone 3GS stolen while going through his daily exercise over at Life Time Fitness, for those who know what that is. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to activate the “Find My iPhone” feature just recently made available for being able to

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How ‘Find My iPhone’ Helped the Cops Locate a Stolen iPhone

Ed Scanlan was robbed Thursday night. The robbers took his license, $220 in cash, his credit cards, and his iPhone. He recovered all of these stolen items while also helping the cops catch the two parolees who mugged him in the evening. What did he do? He used the iPhone’s

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New App: GPS Kit Lets You View Real-Time GPS Info

While there's still no turn-by-turn directions app, a very handy GPS app has managed to make it to the app store. It's called GPSKit and it's made by Garafa for $9.99 in the App Store. The app lets you view and customize real time information like the present time, the duration of your trip, it's estimated accuracy, an Odometer, your current and average speeds, and the direction you're moving in, all in real time.


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