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Siri and iOS 5 Make Apple’s 1987 Vision of the Future a Reality

The future, the new era of technology, is officially upon us. Twenty-three years ago, as the idea of personal computing was gaining momentum, Apple envisioned a device that was at that time almost completely based on science fiction. It was one of the few concept videos that really struck a

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Case-Mate Advertises iPhone 5 Cases with Revealing Photos

Being ahead of the game, accessory manufacturer Case-Mate has been hard at work designing new cases for its upcoming case lineup. More specifically, the company’s iPhone 4S/5 collection. Of course, we do not have any solid details of the design yet, certainly not regarding exact dimensions, but that has not

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Rumor-Accurate iPhone 5 Pictures Depict New Design Cues

We have already seen our fair share of pictures claiming to portray or even be iPhone 5, but this collection just may be the best. While they are only mock-ups, they give off a sense of truth since they are heavily based on strong rumors. To say the least, there

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Watch Out for Fake iPhone 5GS Release Emails

A new spam/phishing scheme feeds off of the anticipation for the next-generation iPhone in order to lure users into malware. Disguising itself in an attempt to duplicate Apple’s email layout, though failing in the typical fashion of spam emails; there is a blatant lack of consistency and thought in its

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Dev Working On Universal App Remote, Taking App Support Requests

Young developer Nam Chu Hoai, an ex-jailbreak developer, is currently working on a universal remote app called Nam's Remote. The idea behind the app is to support as many applications on both the PC and Mac as possible. He currently has it working as a game controller, virtual trackpad, and VLC and Front Row remote to name a few. The app is still in development and Nam is taking requests to support your favorite apps! If you'd like an app supported, drop him a line at A video of the app in action after the break!


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