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Photo-Messaging App Snapchat Updated with Video & iPhone 5 Support

Even with the consolidation and downsizing of image sizes that the iPhone automatically does through text messages or iMessage, picture chatting isn't too friendly, for long time use, to your limited data plan. To say the least, it's an inconvenient, cumbersome task that isn't in the least bit efficient. Quite awhile ago, an application was released that made photo-messaging as simple as taking a picture and sending it off to a contact. Dubbed Snapchat, the free app quickly rose to the top for its easy-to-navigate user interface and the undeniably fast time it takes to send a picture. With an update released today, Snapchat now offers video-messaging among with a slew of other exclusive, new features.


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Bill Gates: iPad Needs Stylus, Keyboard, Voice

Thanks in large part to Steve "Testosterone" Ballmer, most of what we've heard from Microsoft's upper management about Apple products has been a lot of bashing and smack talk. That wasn't the case when Microsoft's former CEO Bill Gates was recently asked to give his take on Apple's new iPad. What would he do differently? Give it a hardware keyboard, a stylus, and built-in speech-to-text dictation.


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