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Reminder: Activate “Find My iPhone” Feature

Just a few days ago, a close friend had his iPhone 3GS stolen while going through his daily exercise over at Life Time Fitness, for those who know what that is. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to activate the “Find My iPhone” feature just recently made available for being able to

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How ‘Find My iPhone’ Helped the Cops Locate a Stolen iPhone

Ed Scanlan was robbed Thursday night. The robbers took his license, $220 in cash, his credit cards, and his iPhone. He recovered all of these stolen items while also helping the cops catch the two parolees who mugged him in the evening. What did he do? He used the iPhone’s

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Pandora Nearing ‘Last Stand’ Against RIAA Due To Excessive Royalties Fees

If you've read our App Reviews lately then you can probably guess that we are pretty big fans of Pandora Radio, and the internet-radio movement they've been a part of, but it's no secret that the RIAA and internet radio do not get along. So far they've been able to hold on despite the constantly growing mountain of fees and royalties, but they may be nearing the end of their rope.


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