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Man in a Maze App Review – A-maze-ing

Picture yourself in a game show built around solving different mazes. As you progress through the show, mazes will become much harder, with some involving robots…deadly robots. Now picture yourself playing Chillingo’s brilliant new title: Man in a Maze ($0.99). Man in a Maze is built around a deadly twist

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FastMac Announces AC Outlet With Built-In USB, Makes Us Drool

At Macworld last week, FastMac announced one of the coolest home improvement products we've seen in a while. It's an AC power outlet that includes two USB charging ports in addition to two standard AC outlets. It's called the TruePower U-Socket, and it'll begin shipping in the first quarter of 2010. When it ships, it'll cost $29.95, but you can pre-order one right now for just $19.95. It requires a bit of expertise with the fuse box and a screwdriver, but for most geeks, this should be one hot product!


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