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Match Panic App Review – A Brilliant, Retro Matching Frenzy!

Matching games come in large numbers on the app store – the idea isn” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”t anything new. Though when added to, games as such can easily become pretty darn unique. Starting from the application” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’%3E%3Cimg+class%3D’)”s icon itself, all the way up to its core gameplay, iPhone developer, Chaotic

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Push Panic Free for Today Only; Drink Something With Caffeine!

In early December, I took a look at Appular’s puzzle Title, Push Panic. Instead of its original $1.99 price tag which I thought was a steal, for today only it’s completely free. Yes, free for this amazing title! Here is some from my review: The classic mode has you playing

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Push Panic App Review – A Frenzy, Frantic, and Fantastic Puzzle Game!

Addiction has come over me, bringing a new wave a of regret each time I play as my game sessions tend to go on longer than I had hoped. All because of a two man team, and a true app store gem… Did the developers code wrong? Did they, accidentally,

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Apps Gone Free for Friday, the 10th

Fridays are the days, for regular people, where you want to sit back relax and watch a movie or read a book without work poking at you the whole time. But if you’re an iOS addict like me, you like to spend your spare time exploring the app store for

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Ponk App Review – Gotta Ponk em’ All!

Again, my case about never playing a match-3 game ever again has been breached. This time, I am very happy with my decision because the result is one so good. The result? Ponk. Making its way into the puzzle/arcade genre(s) is Ponk, a wonderful and colorful match-3 game from iPhone

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Bubbris App Review – Underwater Match 3 That Makes Its Way to the Surface of the Sea of Games With the Same Genre

That title up there is a mouthful, correct? Well, here’s a better way to summarize it: Bubbris is a new app that uses the commonly seen match 3 genre to perk up and catch my attention. Although the genre is overused and by now makes me feel sick every time

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DiskAid 1.21 Out the Door

On Wednesday, DigiDNA's free utility which allows a Mac or PC to mount an iPhone or iPod touch as an external disk without jailbreaking, reached version 1.21. The new version, a 739 kilobyte download, offers the following features:


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