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More Evidence of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 Remains in Hiding

The iPhone 4S is popping up everywhere, but the iPhone 5 is still mostly M.I.A., only making a questionable appearance in Radio Shack’s inventory system on Friday. This weekend, the iPhone 4S made a few appearances, showing up inside the latest iTunes beta, and leaked photos from Foxconn gave us

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New iPhone to Be Announced This Weekend?

As the days of September dwindle down and fall begins taking grasp, we cannot help but wonder one thing we have been speculating about for months: when is the announcement of the new iPhone(s) going to be? Well, we still do not know for certain. However, the best speculation pointed

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Firaxis Releases Civilization Revolution Game for iPhone, iPod Touch

Software developer Firaxis' Civilization Revolution has finally arrived at the App Store, marking the first time a Civilization game has been made available for Apple's iPhone and iPod handset. According to MacNN, Civilization Revolution, like the other entries in the "Civilization" series, is turn-based and carries over the other features of the full PC game, albeit some simplified rules include a limit of three units in army stacks.


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