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Apples Biggest Flops

Even the best companies can’t always hit a home run. Apple has had it’s share of bad ideas too. They are known for being completely innovative; with innovation comes risk. Lucky for Apple, most of the time the risk has paid off, which makes their flops even more interesting. Why

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iPhone Hacking: Enable Japanese Emoticons (AKA Emojicons) [Updated with simpler method]

Last week's 2.2 software update included quite a few goodies for most iPhone owners, but one in particular is only available to those in Japan. Unbeknownst to most of us in the States, Apple's added emojicons (or Japanese emoticons), although they're only available to customers in Japan. Thankfully Steven Troughton-Smith has figured out that a simple property list edit is all that's required. For the full instructions, read on. You'll need a jailbroken iPhone and enough knowledge to grab the correct file, edit it properly, and put it back without pulling your hair out.


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