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Apple’s Life After the Legacy of Steve Jobs

Let’s face it: if all of Apple’s success and innovation could be attributed to one man, it would be Steve Jobs. Though of course, Apple is a huge corporation of 50,000 employees so above all everybody shares a piece of the credit. With Steve Jobs resigning from the company, one

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Apples Biggest Flops

Even the best companies can’t always hit a home run. Apple has had it’s share of bad ideas too. They are known for being completely innovative; with innovation comes risk. Lucky for Apple, most of the time the risk has paid off, which makes their flops even more interesting. Why

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‘Beginning iPhone Development’ Book Now Available

Those of you looking to get into the iPhone app developing biz might find this useful. It's a book called "Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK" by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche, which was published recently and is now available in hard copy or eBook form for $39.99 and $27.99, respectively. Starting with a basic knowledge of Objective-C, it walks the reader through making increasingly complicated apps. You can grab it at


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