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Does the MacBook Pro Price Cut Signal Something Wrong with Apple? [Opinion]

The day before Valentine’s Day Apple had surprised the blogosphere and consumers by announcing both a processor refresh and price cut for its recently-released Retina MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. Yes, in an unexpected move – just four months after introducing its high-end laptops – Apple chops $200 off the

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iPad 2 Beats Mac Systems In a Speed Test

Sure, the iPad 2 already has size, weight, and battery life advantages over a modern computer. Would I sound crazy if I said you can add speed to that list? A recent speed test, conducted using the newest Mac hardware in an Apple Store nonetheless, suggests that the dual-core ARM

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‘Say Where’ To Bring Voice Search To iPhone

Dial Directions Software has just announced their new app, Say Where for the iPhone. The app uses voice recognition to allow users to search for things like directions, businesses, reviews, and more just by tapping the screen and speaking the location. Users can chose which mobile site to search, including, MapQuest, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Local, and more.


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