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Apple Hacked by Group That Targeted Facebook

In an unexpected turn of events, Apple said on Tuesday that the same hackers that targeted Facebook have hacked the Mac computers of some employees; the widest-known cyber attacks against Apple-made computers to date, Reuters reported.

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Apple’s Life After the Legacy of Steve Jobs

Let’s face it: if all of Apple’s success and innovation could be attributed to one man, it would be Steve Jobs. Though of course, Apple is a huge corporation of 50,000 employees so above all everybody shares a piece of the credit. With Steve Jobs resigning from the company, one

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Mac OS and iOS to Merge Into a Unified Operating System?

Apple may be ready to switch to a single, unified operating system that powers all of its computing products if Jeffries analyst Peter Misek is to be believed. To be released next year, the A6 system-in-a-chip with a new quad-core processor may apparently be powerful enough for mobile tasks along

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Apple Working On SMS Vulnerability, Fix Coming

Yesterday we reported on a security vulnerability found in the iPhone OS that could potentially allow an attacker to gain access to your phone via a flaw in the SMS application/protocols. Today, the UK's Telegraph tells us that Apple is in the process of preparing a fix for this security risk.


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