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Apple Offers Additional Help for Finding Lost iOS Devices

If you've ever misplaced your iOS device before, whether it be a simple instance where you've forgotten where you last put it in your house or a large scale situation where it's been stolen, you've experienced the burning sensation of worry. Thankfully, software like Apple's own Find My iPhone service aids users in discovering the location of their lost iOS devices. This service has now further expanded by the recent addition of support for driving directions to the last-known location of the device.


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Locate Your iOS Device Even When It’s Dead

It's one of those things that most iOS device owners fear most: losing their prized technological investments, which in our case are our iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. Though Apple have provided a useful way for tracking your device, with the Find My iPhone application, its features don't suffice. A new Kickstarter project aims to keep your device within your confines at all times - even when its battery is dead.


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Verizon to Alert Customers of Location Tracking With Stickers

In an “honesty is the best policy” sort-of compliance move, Verizon Wireless has plans to include stickers alerting customers of devices that constantly track a user’s location. As has been recently discovered then officially revealed by Apple, the iPhone would be included in the collection of devices since it does

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