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Apple Experimenting With an E-Ink/LCD Hybrid Display?

It seems like it may be “Apple patents exposed” week. Another recent Apple patent has been discovered that would be an additional step towards improving the iPhone’s design with unique, evolutionary features in time for the next iteration. The patent outlines a concept for the ability to switch between e-Paper

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CES 2011: Top New Gadgets

As the year winds down, the anticipation for CES 2011 begins. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be in Las Vegas on January 6-9th. Any gadget geek knows that CES is the place to be to see all the new product launches for the up and coming year. At

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New Kindle Ad Makes the iPad Look Bad In A Way That Sadly, Is Disturbingly True

Amazon released an ad recently that really took a swing at the one of the iPad’s weak spots. What with the Kindle falling tremendously behind in terms of purchases you’d think that Amazon might be a bit jealous. But the truth is, the ad is completely true… The Amazon Kindle,

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