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Wackylands Boss App Review – You can’t touch this!

Playing the good guy is mostly always the case when playing a game on pretty much console. Seldom to games have you as the bad guy making everyone’s life miserable. How often have you played as the alien, the killer, or any other foul creature/character where you are going against

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Age of Zombies App Review – The Age of Halfbrick is Once Again Here!

With so many apps on the app store, only four of them belong to Halfbrick Studios. However with two of these so far (Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash) this small game development company has reached a position that no other company of their size has! The two apps have pretty much

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Fastar! App Review – Fight Angry Squares: The Action RPG

The games on the app store that contain that particular feeling of simplicity are the ones that demand the most attention from me. Simple pickup and play games that can be played anywhere: at home while bored, in a line, on the elevator, and so on. That’s why Fastar! [App

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