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Apple’s Life After the Legacy of Steve Jobs

Let’s face it: if all of Apple’s success and innovation could be attributed to one man, it would be Steve Jobs. Though of course, Apple is a huge corporation of 50,000 employees so above all everybody shares a piece of the credit. With Steve Jobs resigning from the company, one

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The Best Way to Hear About WWDC: Spoiler-Free

Hear me out, Apple enthusiasts: the best way to hear Apple’s announcements during a keynote is straight from CEO Steve Jobs among other employees without knowing exactly what will happen beforehand. To do so you could either attend that keynote or commit to a “spoiler-free” venture from your home (or

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Chinese Knock-Off Makers Cashing In On iPhone Nano Rumors

These iPhone Nano rumors just keep coming. It seems to me that everyone and their mother is jumping on the Nano bandwagon. This latest little gem of an example was submitted by a Gizmodo reader (and in all-caps, no less) on Christmas.


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