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iPad Mini to Be Announced on October 23? + iBooks Spotlight – iPA B

We know “iPad mini” is coming, which is seemingly unbeknownst to the rumor whirlwind. Its announcement timeframe should remain within the bounds of the month, on Tuesday, October 23 to be more specific. It is said to be a smaller event than a regular keynote, fitting for the tablet. Amongst

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iPad Mini Event Invitations May Be Delivered October 10, Release in November

Are we already on the cusp of another Apple keynote event? Reportedly, iPad Mini is coming soon - and press will know about its keynote announcement date in a little over a week as invitations start rolling out.


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Apple Now Streaming WWDC 2012 Keynote

If you somehow missed all of the commotion and announcements today at WWDC, you're in great luck. Apple has just now started to roll out the video coverage of its annual WWDC 2012 keynote for your streaming pleasure.


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The Best Way to Hear About the New iPhone(s): Spoiler-Free (Update: Watch the Keynote Now!)

Due to the popularity of our previous spoiler-free post, we will continue the trend as promised. The basic gist of “spoiler-free” is that participants watch the keynote video before reading about anything that has happened, which does take some effort to avoid. However, if you are planning to watch the

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Twas the Night Before, Final Predictions?

Twas the night before iPhonemas, when all through the campus Not an employee was stirring, not even Phil Schiller The inventory was cleared in Apple Stores with care, In hopes that new iPhones would soon be there. The early adopters were nestled all snug with their iPads, While visions of

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New iPhone to Be Announced This Weekend?

As the days of September dwindle down and fall begins taking grasp, we cannot help but wonder one thing we have been speculating about for months: when is the announcement of the new iPhone(s) going to be? Well, we still do not know for certain. However, the best speculation pointed

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Head of iPhone 4 Development Fired, iPhone 5 a Group Effort

While iPhone 4 may have been the biggest stride since the first generation of the notorious phone, it may have arrived at a time when Apple was too busy to focus its attention on such a significant device. Rather than strictly having current Apple employees lead development, an outside source

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Last Two Weeks of September Set for New iPhone Launch?

Let’s say you hypothetically happen to work for AT&T. Then you figure that September would be perfect to take a vacation since there will be quite a few post-summer discounts, so you attempt to schedule vacation days for the end of that month. To your dismay, the request is denied

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The Best Way to Hear About WWDC: Spoiler-Free

Hear me out, Apple enthusiasts: the best way to hear Apple’s announcements during a keynote is straight from CEO Steve Jobs among other employees without knowing exactly what will happen beforehand. To do so you could either attend that keynote or commit to a “spoiler-free” venture from your home (or

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iWork Array Updated for iPhone Compatibility

Likely the first of Apple’s usual pre-WWDC announcements, the company’s premier productivity array iWork has been redesigned for the iPhone and iPod touch. Universal versions of the word-processor Pages, spreadsheet-designer Numbers, and slide-creator Keynote can be purchased for $9.99 each in the App Store. Updates released today for current owners

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