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Poll: How Do You Type on Your New iPad?

Writer Michael DeLisi and myself were having a casual conversation discussing the new iPad. Following his awe of the new retina display due to his recent unboxing of the new device, we began to talk about how either of us types on the device. Undoubtedly, the typical typing speed on an iPad in comparison to the iPhone is considerably lower and the amount of typos on the latter is usually at a minimal. We want to know which of the two keyboards that you use.


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Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard Case and Stand Review for iPhone 4/4S

One of Apple's best aspects that they've poured their full love into is the signature iOS device screen. Other than the svelte qualities of the iPhone, with its sleek aesthetic, the capacitive touchscreen is one major forte that iOS can boast over many other competitive phones. Regardless, some people just miss external, physical buttons, and they love Apple at the same time - so for those unique people, clever designers have manufactured the Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard and Stand Case for the iPhone 4 and 4S.


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My Take on the iOS Virtual Keyboard

After four years of using the touchscreen-optimized writing tool, I can attest that I have an unmalleable opinion that many others will agree with. Following Nikhil’s poll asking readers whether they prefer a virtual or physical mobile keyboard, I knew that I had to fully stand behind the iOS virtual

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Jailbreak Users Can Trace-to-Type with Swype

Swype has been a trusty alternative to the typical touch keyboard on other mobile platforms. Simply quickly swipe your way from key-to-key and Swype can predict each and every word with an impressive accuracy. Anybody with a jailbroken iPhone can get in on the tracing action, albeit unofficially through developer

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ThinkGeek’s Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard – A Fantasy for Many?

Now, why someone normal (I’m not normal, evidently) would actually purchase one of these is completely past me, but they are pretty darn cool. ThinkGeek’s Cube Laser Keyboard, made especially for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, retails for $170 and is a gizmo for people who like virtual keyboards,

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External Keyboard or Virtual Keyboard? – Poll & More

Writer Michael DeLisi and I are curious to see how many of our readers actually like the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. I, personally, have heard tons of complaints about the keyboard being “too small”, “too responsive”, or something else of the same nature. Me? I love the virtual keyboard currently on

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Transform Your iPad Into a Full-Blown Netbook With Trackpad

I have got to admit that this is one of the sleekest “keyboard cases,” a case that features a built-in keyboard that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth, announced for the iPad 2 yet. However, where the Crux Loaded by CruxCase really scores extra points is for the inclusion of

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BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case Review

BoxWave makes a foray into a unique, niche segment of the iPhone case market with its Keyboard Buddy Case. Of course, that is the segment that features what some view as a necessity, a built-in physical keyboard. With a tiny, but growing number of choices, there is a lot of

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Weightbot is a simplified weight tracking application which lets you log daily weigh-ins. It comes with a built-in BMI estimator based on height and a graphing mode to check out your progress on the fly.


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