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Draw Jump App Review – Cute Rocket, Too Familiar Gameplay

Been there, certainly done that. The jump as high as you can, most familiarly seen in Doodle Jump, has become all too popular in terms of density in the app store. Right now, the genre can still be fun but only if developers anticipate what users will want to see

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DIY Airplane iPhone Holder Makes Good Substitute For Crappy In-Flight Movies

Here's something you might try next time you're stuck on a plane for a few hours. Someone over at came up with an ingenious method for holding your iPhone for movie watching on a plane using the airsickness bag attached to the seat back in front of them. Just tear a rectangle in the bottom big enough for you to see the screen and a hole for the headphone jack and ta-da! You have an adjustable iPhone holder. [Hodenmumps via Gizmodo]


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