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Bring the Fourth of July Celebration to Your iPhone/iPad

It’s July 4, and every American knows what that means: celebrating our independence with extravagant firework displays! As fireworks going off around me all-night make obvious, it seems more than a few people can’t get enough of the festivities. To those (and tons of others), it is only natural to

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iBluetooth Enters Final Beta Testing Stage

iBluetooth, MeDevil's app for transferring files to and from your iPhone over a bluetooth connection, has entered beta testing stages and will hopefully be ready in the next few days, providing he can get the last few bugs out soon. The application will let users both send and recieve files over bluetooth, something Apple currently does not allow in their SDK. Users can chose which file to send and where to send it, or where to save an incoming file, and transfers can be stopped at any time. Screenshots after the break.


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