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Jetpack Joyride App Review – Halfbrick’s Best Yet

Barry Steakfries probably shouldn’t be so curious and heroic. Just saying based on past experience from playing some of Halfbrick’s (developer of widely popular, Fruit Ninja) games; it seems as if he’s found yet another absurd way to threaten his existence, and that’s in the newest game to be added

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Halfbrick’s New Game, Jetpack Joyride Releases September 1st

Halfbrick, creators of the widely popular Fruit Ninja [$0.99], have been on fire lately. They’ve already released two more games in addition to the successful fruit-killing game and also released ‘Fruit Ninja Kinect’ recently”. Now their fourth game for iOS is ready for release – September 1st to be exact,

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Apple Bans Dev With 800+ Apps From App Store

Apple has banned a publisher of over 800 apps from the App Store after receiving third-party intellectual property complaints on more than 100 of his applications. It appears that Khalid Shaikh, the developer in question, merely pulled subject material from the web without providing unique content of his own, and without the owner's permission.


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