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Microsoft Reveals Unique Windows 8 Tablet Home Screen

Taking cues from the unique styling of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft continues actually standing out to an extent in the mobile operating system scene with the tablet version of Windows 8. Or more specifically, its intelligent tile-based home screen. Watch a demonstration by Jensen Harris, Director of PM Windows User

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MobileSpy Lets Parents Spy On Children, Employers Spy On Workers

MobileSpy, a tool for monitoring a smartphone user's SMS chats or call information, has been ported to work on the iPhone and iPod touch. Suggested uses include a parent monitoring a child to keep them out of trouble, or an employer monitoring an employee to make sure they are keeping within their Acceptable Use Policy on company-provided devices. Doing so is as easy as logging in to a website. While this may be comforting to some, it will undoubtedly make others a bit uneasy to know they may be being watched. More information is available at their website.


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