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iTunes Match Welcomes Streaming to Its Listening Options

One of the features sorely-missing in iTunes Match, Apple's $25/year service allowing users to match their own music library with each song's equivalent in iTunes, the first time around was an ability to stream music. With the iOS 6 beta, that changes as now users have the option to stream or download songs from iCloud.


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iTunes Match’s Streaming Features Make Syncing Music Unnecessary

Apple’s new iTunes Match service, to be released later this year amidst other iCloud offerings, has an increasingly more enticing feature set. In addition to providing higher quality versions of some songs stored in a user’s iTunes library, music collections are made available to five Mac systems and iOS devices

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iTunes Match Brings Non-iTunes Songs into the Cloud for $25

iTunes Match, one of Apple’s radically-new music offerings, shakes up even the company’s own a la carte pricing model in iTunes. A $25/year subscription presents users with the ability to have their library scanned and matched with the same high-quality 256kbp/s AAC songs available in the iTunes Store at no

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