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iOS 6.1 Reviews Users’ Ability to Report Map Issues to Apple

Following the Apple Maps fiasco, the newly-released iOS 6.1 reviews user problems submitted via a new option in the Maps app; likely to counteract the issues showing up embarrassingly on the Internet instead. This comes at a time when Apple Maps still cannot be relied on for consistently-accurate directions and

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iOS 5.0.1 Released to Public, How to Update Without iTunes

It seems that Apple decided to go ahead and give the go to iOS 5.0.1 earlier than we had initially thought. Releasing today, the update brings along multiple new minor features, the most significant, however, being the highly anticipated iPhone 4S battery patch.

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Apple Readies iOS 5.0.1 for Public Release

Pretty much since the day of the launch of the iPhone 4S this past October 14th, users reported that they were having problems with the battery life of the device. Rather than posing as an improvement to last year’s iteration of the iPhone, the 4S could barely make it through

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Verizon iPhone 4 – Antennagate Issues Remain

Despite Apple declaring the rectification of the antennagate issues, causing AT&T users to experience dropped calls, with the release of the new Verizon iPhone 4, Consumer Reports declares otherwise. A recent investigation conducted by their lab engineers shows that the issue still remains: why haven’t many people complained? Verizon’s network

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Microsoft Says All Xbox Live Apps Must Be Free

Microsoft is probably not going to create an Xbox Live app for the iPhone, but they are letting third party developers fill the void, so there won't be a shortage for you Xbox fans. Their only restriction, however, is that they are not allowed to charge money for it, but have to offer it for free.


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