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Jailbreak Enthusiast ‘Comex’ Hired by Apple

Right on the verge of the Steve Jobs surprise, as the shock is slowly abating, Apple recently picked up a smart mind. Jailbreak enthusiast ‘Comex’, more commonly known as the hacker behind, has joined Apple as an intern. Made evident through a tweet on the specialist’s part, Comex has

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Griffin Announces iPhone-Controlled Toy Helicopter

Prior to today, you could not get a decent remote controlled helicopter, or any other -esque toy, if you will, for the iPhone without also anticipating the hefty price tag that it would come accompanied with. Though today, Griffin announced, via a mass media message, that an iPhone-specific helicopter will

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Review: Infinit Power Pack, External Battery

Infinit Solar Bags takes their stand in the long list of companies offering external batteries, and iPhoneAlley is covering one of their intelligent, power-providing products. The Power Pack is available on their main website for 35 British Pounds, which equates to around $56. Albeit the battery is a bit pricey,

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Popular iOS Game Now Available for Xbox Kinect

Save for the fact that the featured image of this editorial is a splash screen (literally) of what I’m posting about, I bet not knowing what game I’m talking about (courtesy of the shallow title) exactly made you want to click on this post. Well click away…

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Roboto App Review – A Beautiful Platformer for iOS

He’s simply learning how to rocketboard, and his dream girl unexpectedly blasts off to a whole different galaxy than the one he’s on. What does he do? Go after her of course! That’s the whole story behind Fenix Fire’s new platformer, Roboto which conveniently is also the name of the

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Why an iPod touch with 3G Makes Perfect and Imperfect Business Sense

To date, the iPod touch has been attributed to the description of “an iPhone without the phone or data capabilities” in its simplest. That is still accurate, but a recent rumor about how the next iPod touch may include options for 3G data service shakes up the differences between it

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MySaver: Preserve Your Charge and Sync Cable

There are so many Kickstarter projects that I usually include all of the interesting ones as a compilation in one post, but I felt that this certain one deserved a whole post for itself. So, behold, the MySaver, the perfect solution to fully preserve your iPhone’s, iPod Touch’s and iPad’s

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‘Gogo Navigator USA & CAN’ App Review for All Devices

There are tons of options for users wanting to extend the reach of their iOS device; utilizing their ability to also be a GPS device alongside their primary job of being phones and entertainment systems is just one of the many ways. Among the top contenders on the App Store

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New Thursday Releases and Freebies Worth Downloading

As the weekend nears, mine and your reliance on iPhone titles to pull us through the two days are growing. So, I decided to compile a list of all of the new Thursday releases (as Thursday is always the day of the week with the largest releases seeking and deserving

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Apple Implementing Facial Detection Software in iOS 5

It’s yet to be revealed when iOS 5, the anticipated, new iOS, will be making its introduction to the public. What we do know are the prominent features that will be included with the revolutionary new OS, and one noticeable addition is the implementation of facial detection software and APIs.

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