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iPhone vs. Droid

The other day I was helping a coworker set up his iPhone and I noticed it had some major damage. He had jailbroken the phone to allow him a work around from the damaged home button. I asked him if he was planning to get an iPhone 4 soon since

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Orange France Capping iPhone 3G Speeds

While some iPhone 3G owners blame faulty hardware or buggy software for their service problems, iPhone customers in France may now have another party to blame for their iPhone 3G woes. According to a report by France Info, Orange France is admittedly setting a speed cap for all iPhone customers. No explanation is given for the imposed limit, although it may help to explain some customers' slow 3G speeds. The French iPhone carrier plans to increase the speed to 1Mbps on September 15th. Orange France iPhone users will receive the increase as soon as it's put into effect, no user intervention necessary.


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