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Internet Ablaze Over a Video of an iPhone 4S Spontaneously Catching on Fire

With the complexity of the electronics we keep in our pockets, is it really safe to say we can trust that they won't burn our legs or start smoking to the point of a flaming fiasco? Video courtesy of a "security camera" demonstrates that some people may not be that lucky when it comes to gadget safety.


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Will You Be Participating In Fake Steve’s “Operation Chokehold?”

Late last week Fake Steve Jobs asked all U.S. iPhone users to take a stand against AT&T's proposed solution for improving their network quality by bringing it to its knees. The plan — dubbed Operation Chokehold — calls for every AT&T iPhone user to simultaneously use a data-intensive application for one hour on Friday to teach AT&T a lesson.

Upon hearing about FSJ's plan, our friends over at Cult Of Mac contacted an AT&T rep, who described the protest as "totally irresponsible."

So my question to you all is, will you be participating in Operation Chokehold?


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