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Another Day, Another iPhone 5S Rumor: Alleged Photos Appear Online

The saga of the iPhone 5 has been a never-ending one, with rumors about what it’ll look like or feel like.  There have probably even been rumors about what it’ll smell like.  Never ones to turn away a good rumor, however, we must report yet another iPhone 5S rumor: pictures

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Apple Set to Explode With Two New iPhones

J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz believes Apple’s plans to launch two new iPhones — the iPhone 5 and updated entry-level iPhone — in October will “likely drive quarterly shipments for the device higher.” Moskowitz’s research revealed that the iPhone 5 will feature world phone (GSM and CDMA) capabilities to target

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GameStop Offering Store Credit For Used iPhones, iPads and iPods

GameStop announced that they’re now accepting old iPod, iPhone and iPad devices in exchange for in-store credit. There is also a rumor that they will be carrying new Apple mobile devices and accessories in the future. This is great news for gamers who would like to trade-in their old Apple

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Sprint Tells Employees to Keep Quiet About the iPhone

Sprint wants its employees to plead the fifth when it comes to the iPhone 5. An internal memo leaked to Sprint Feed, instructs Sprint employees to offer no comment when approached about the possibility they will be offering the iPhone in October. Last week, the Wall Street Journal announced that

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iPhone 3GS Discontinued? iPhone 5 Slated For October? Recapping the Rumor Mill

It’s officially August, which means we could be closer to an Apple announcement, or in for a long ride of more rumors. Here’s a quick recap of the rumor mill’s best so far: According to various reports, the iPhone 5 will be released as early as August or as late

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Rumor: Solar-Powered iOS Devices

Apple could bring us closer to the Sun, considering the newest rumor to hit the rumor mill does come true in the next few years. According to a report from Digitimes, wireless syncing and charging will eventually give way to solar-powered iOS devices – not soon, but in a few

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Photos Of Next iPhone Show Auto-Focus Camera, Compass, More?

Photos of what looks like the next iPhone running OS 3.0 have surfaced on a Chinese blog. The photos show how recording video and auto-focusing will work within the camera app. Auto-focus works by focusing on a point in the image, shown by a blue outline which can be moved by tapping anywhere on the screen. If the photos are legitimate, then the autofocusing capabilities will be pretty incredible and should have a very noticeable difference, as you can see.


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