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Internet Ablaze Over a Video of an iPhone 4S Spontaneously Catching on Fire

With the complexity of the electronics we keep in our pockets, is it really safe to say we can trust that they won't burn our legs or start smoking to the point of a flaming fiasco? Video courtesy of a "security camera" demonstrates that some people may not be that lucky when it comes to gadget safety.


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CEA Releases Official App For CES 2010

The Consumer Electronics Association announced over the weekend that they've created an iPhone app for all you folks trekking out to Las Vegas next month for the Consumer Electronics Show. Oddly enough they told us not to share this with everyone, but it's very obviously in the App Store so we can't think of a reason not to. 2010 International CES [App Store, Free] allows you to view the many CES events, plan out your schedule for the week, and see a map of the various exhibit halls.

If you're headed out to CES, we definitely recommend loading this one on your iPhone before you arrive. There's no way AT&T's network is gonna hold.


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