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What Will Put the “S” in the iPhone 5S?

The Japanese blog MacOtakara reported that Foxconn has allegedly started production of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5 successor. Although there won’t by any notable design changes, and there is little to no tooling needed to manufacture the two models on the same production lines, it wouldn’t be Apple

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Predicting iPhone 6 Release Date, New Features

The anticipation of the next iPhone release has hit full stride and we can’t help but throw our two cents into the latest round of speculations.

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Another Day, Another iPhone 5S Rumor: Alleged Photos Appear Online

The saga of the iPhone 5 has been a never-ending one, with rumors about what it’ll look like or feel like.  There have probably even been rumors about what it’ll smell like.  Never ones to turn away a good rumor, however, we must report yet another iPhone 5S rumor: pictures

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New iPhone Sighted? iPhone 5S, 6 Allegedly Sighted [Rumor]

Has the new iPhone been sighted?  According to the rumor mill, which never seems to cease churning, the answer is “yes,” because the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 have both been allegedly sighted in the production wilderness.

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Analyst: Apple’s Gross Margin Could Benefit from a New iPhone

Could a new iPhone be the answer to Apple’s ills? In a note sent to investors yesterday, Katy Huberty, an analyst with Morgan Stanley, made the case that Apple’s gross margin could see vast improvement from the release of the next iPhone, which is said to be the iPhone 5S.

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Have Pics of New iPhone Components Emerged? [Rumor]

While iPhone users await the release of iOS 6.1, which could come any day now (no, really!), those who care about such things can immerse themselves in the newest gossip: alleged pictures of components for the next iPhone models, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6, if French blog is

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Apple Expected to Deliver 4.8-inch ‘iPhone Math’ Phablet [Rumor]

A new week has yet to officially start, and already we have a new iPhone rumor to sink our teeth into. We already know we should expect a new iPhone this year, which we could safely assume will be the iPhone 5S, and we have heard numerous reports revolving around

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Apple May Embed Fingerprint Scanner in Home Button of iPhone 5S [Rumor]

Having a passcode activated on your iPhone is a complete necessity when you consider just how much you depend on the information on your device. Photos, banking account information and contact details for nearly everyone you know are all housed inside of your iPhone.

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Analyst: iPhone 5S Production Beginning March; Debut In June/July

We here at iPhone Alley enjoy a good iPhone, which is why we’re impatiently waiting for Apple to unveil its new iPhone, which everyone in the tech world believes will be the iPhone 5S, if the company’s previous iPhone releasing trend is repeated. We can’t begin to imagine what improvements

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Tim Cook Reveals Apple’s Plans for China

Tim Cook’s official visit to China didn’t just include socializing while visiting Apple Stores and undertaking a meeting with the Chinese Minister of IT. According to a Reuters report, Apple’s CEO and China Mobile’s Chairman Xi Guohua met today to discuss “matters of cooperation”, which suggests the ongoing talks between

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