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Why Is iPad Mini Cannibalizing the Original iPad?

The market has shown its hand in favor of the second-generation iPad Mini over the original iPad and it could force other tablet vendors to drop their prices as well, according to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz. On Thursday, Moskowitz noted that this year’s tablet sales forecasts would increase due

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iPhone, iPad Market “Softening,” Analysts Say

Are the iPhone and iPad losing their grip on the market? At least three Citi bank analysts think so. According to analysts Glen Yeung, Jim Suva and Walter H. Pritchard, estimates revealed that Apple will see a steady decline in the next few months over its high-demand products. And with

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iPad Mini Getting Retina Display Upgrade; Is it Worth It?

Apple’s iPad mini is making headway with a 400-plus pixel-per-inch (PPI) display for future generations of the iPad, according to Patently Apple. But is the release of the increased-pixel display worth it?

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iPad Upgrade Announcement in Works?

It’s about time that Apple announces its plans to host a major product event, or so says noted analyst of Piper Jaffrey & Co.’s Gene Munster. According to the expert, the tech giant should be in line to host the next major product event in April, due to the amount

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