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What iPhone 6 Would Look Like If It Followed a Recent Prototype’s Description (And Had iOSX)

From the same mind that brought us a true-to-detail, otherworldly-physchic iPhone 5 mock-up that panned out to be an inconceivably accurate depiction of the shipped device, comes a telling tale of what the next iPhone could look like. While throwing some creative flair into it, the guideline of a recent prototype’s description was followed in the creation of a striking new phone that makes for a great object of… hope? Decide for yourself if this “iPhone 6″ mock-up is deserving of being lusted over or demurred against.


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Verizon Leveraging iPad WiFi Launch to Sell Verizon MiFi

When in doubt, sell 3G data contracts and the money will roll in. According to Engadget, wireless carrier Verizon is encouraging its staffers to tell customers to purchase the WiFi-only version of the iPad and pair it up with a device like the MiFi rather than shelling out $130 more for integrated AT&T 3G and 30 days until the device launches.

Verizon has followed this up by calling its biggest competitor's 3G network "overloaded" even though there's currently a 5GB limit of data on a Verizon MiFi plan which will run users $60 a month, twice as much as AT&T will be charging for its dedicated, unlimited iPad plan.


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