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Apple Job Posting Looks to Improve Siri Dialog in a Number of Ways

It was a little over a year ago when Apple debuted Siri on the iPhone 4S. At its start, Siri was able to assist iPhone 4S users by checking the weather for them, changing their schedule on the fly and setting up alarms when a mid-day nap was in order.

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Untethered iPhone 4S Jailbreak Just a Few Days Away

A jailbroken iPhone 4S running on iOS 5.0.1 was filmed and published on YouTube a few days ago by Dustin Howett, a member of the Chronic Dev Team. The video shows the jailbreak features, of course, and confirming the validity, Siri is asked to check the weather.


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Best Buy, RadioShack and Sam’s Club To Carry New iPhone

If you didn’t already pre-order the iPhone 4S and don’t want to camp outside an Apple Store on Friday, there are some other options. All Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores will be carrying the AT&T, Verizon and Sprint iPhone models on October 14. You can also buy the

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New iPhone Launch Imminent for the Second Week of October?

Originally discovered by AppleInsider, Apple has begun to deny vacation requests for employees during the second week October. This could be reflective of an iPhone launch. Read below to find out more.

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What Feature Does iOS 5 Desperately Need?

With the release of iOS 5 forthcoming in the very near future, there are quite a few revisions and new features users can look forward to. Even with an extensive amount of additions, iOS 5 is still missing crucial features. Our question to you is: what is that number one

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Does iOS Need an Interactive Tutorial?

Out of everybody that owns an iOS device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, how many do you think really knows how to use these capable devices to their fullest extent? Or even knows how to do much more than make a phone call and read email? I would

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Apple Designed iOS 5 with Science in Mind to Make It More Appealing

Good design consists of more elements than most people consider, and it seems that good designers are rare. Look at design outside of Apple’s creations in the technology world, most of it is clunky and, dare I say, blatantly rips off Apple. One element that Apple incorporates into its design

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Why an iPod touch with 3G Makes Perfect and Imperfect Business Sense

To date, the iPod touch has been attributed to the description of “an iPhone without the phone or data capabilities” in its simplest. That is still accurate, but a recent rumor about how the next iPod touch may include options for 3G data service shakes up the differences between it

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Apple Implementing Facial Detection Software in iOS 5

It’s yet to be revealed when iOS 5, the anticipated, new iOS, will be making its introduction to the public. What we do know are the prominent features that will be included with the revolutionary new OS, and one noticeable addition is the implementation of facial detection software and APIs.

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iPhone 5 Coming in August!

The iPhone 5 is coming in August! Our friends over at Boy Genius recently reported that the iPhone 5 may be in our hands sooner than we all thought. They were told by a reliable source that the rumors surrounding an iPhone 4s, an iPhone 4 with better guts, is

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