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iOS Virus Acquirable Through Safari Gaining Momentum

It seems a hacker has discovered a way to break into the iOS core from within Safari and is using the exploit to distribute a virus through it. The links that host the virus right now are advertised as sites that could unlock your device. The fake program uses the

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iOS 4.3.2 Available, Fixes Facetime and iPad 2 Connectivity Issues

Apple released a new version of iOS today, 4.3.2, for all iOS 4-compatible devices except the CDMA iPhone 4. The update a contains a few awaited bug fixes and security improvements. Users who have had trouble with their iPad 2′s 3G connectivity will be happy to hear that this update

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Is Apple Easing Up On Rejection Policy With New Landscape Keyboard Apps?

Late last night I noticed that quite a few applications with similar features had appeared on the App Store. These applications ("Wide Email", "Sideways", "TouchType", and "Compose") all do the same thing—allow landscape email composition. And while this is a feature that quite a few users would like, these apps didn't sound interesting enough to mention here. However, Arn Kim seems to think that this could indicate that Apple has reconsidered some of its App Store rejection policies and I think he may be right.


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