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iOS 4.3 Update

Yesterday during the Apple event we were told that Apple would release the iOS 4.3 update on March 11th. So what does this update mean and what exactly will it include? Improved Safari performance, better AirPlay, updated Home Sharing, Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4, and more will be included in

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iOS 4.3 To Be Released Soon

Sources have mentioned that Apple has finished beta testing for iOS 4.3 and the code has been finalized. The 4.3 software is said to most likely include support for Wifi Hotspot for iPhones on the AT&T network. Currently only the Verizon iPhones support Wifi Hotspot. This is yet another way

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Neutron Toolset To Bring Social Features To Multiplayer Games To iPhone

Exit Games recently announced that Neutron, their cross-platform toolset for multiplayer games, is now available for iPhone developers. The Toolset allows devs to integrate online multiplayer and social gaming features into their games. To utilize Neutron, devs will need to license it specifically for their project. It is hoped that the new toolset will mean we'll see some cool new games with lots of social features in the App Store.


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