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BodyGuardz Dry Apply Review for iPod Touch 4G

Last week, I took off my case to clean off any dust or grit on my iPod and along with that stuff, I was faced with a scratch; not a huge one, but small enough for me to notice. Though I was pretty angry, the Dry Apply BodyGuardz that I

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Artwizz MirrorFilm Review for iPod Touch 2nd Generation – A glossy solution to your daily needs

Invisible shields don’t protect your iDevice much from serious falls. Even so, they’re extremely useful for protecting your iPod from small scratches, annoying fingerprints, and small dust particles that can get under your skin (and screen). Plus, when you have an extra function built in, it’s that much better. Though

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Losers Try To Sell Pwnage Tool For $60

As those of you who have been following the iPhone hacking scene know, hackers like the dev team do what they do like create the Pwnage tool largely for credit and bragging rights, as well as the undying admiration from their peers, which is why the offer it for free. Sadly, there always seems to be someone trying to make a profit off what isn't theirs. UK website is trying to sell the Pwnage tool as though it were their own.


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